GP balance check code 2022

Today I will try to give details about the GP balance check code 2022. USSD code is required to check the balance of any SIM. You can dial *566# to check GP balance

Similarly, to check Grameenphone balance, you have to dial Grameenphone balance check code. Grameenphone SIM balance check is easy one code at a time. No matter how easy it is, if we don't know it becomes very difficult for us.

GP balance check code 2022

The details about Grameenphone:

Grameenphone is one of the oldest and primary telecommunication service providers in Bangladesh. Since its inception in 1997, the company has till date held a total market share of 46.3% of the telecom sector in Bangladesh. It has a total subscriber base of 74 million. 

Besides having such a large number of customers, its customer base is growing. Many of these large numbers of people who are using Grameenphone for the first time, do not know how to check GP Balance Check.

GP balance check code 2022

*566# is the GP balance check code 2022. Today I will try to talk about GP balance checking code as well as some other important codes. Below is the Gramophone balance check code;

Service USSD Code
GP Balance Check *566#
Internet Balance check *121*1*4#
Minute Balance check *121*1*2#
SMS Balance Check *121*1*2#

GP balance check 2022

There are not only one or two processes to check Grameenphone Balance, you can use different processes to check Grameenphone Balance.

In this post I will tell you about four different ways to check Grameenphone balance through which you can easily check Main Balance and Net/Data Balance of your Grameenphone SIM. The processes I will tell you about are-

  • GP balance check by dialing USSD Code.
  • GP balance check by calling a number.
  • Balance check with the help of My GP App.

1. GP balance check by dialing GP balance check code

Follow the below process to check Grameenphone main balance using USSD Code.
1. Firstly, Open the dial pad of the phone.
Open the dial pad of the phone

2. Then, dial *566# with Grameenphone SIM.
Then, dial *566#

Click on GP call tab

3. Finally, you will see your GP balance.
You also need to dial the specific code to check the balance, minutes, SMS, internet of GP.

You will see your GP balance

Again, if you are using Grameenphone's official app "My GP", then you can see everything in a moment without dialing any code. You have to just log in My GP app to check your balance.

As I said earlier, you have to dial the code*566# to check the Grameenphone balance. And you have to dial the code to check the other offers or balance.

2. How to check Grameenphone balance by Call on a number?

If you don't want to use any of the above processes, you can use this call process to check balance. You have to call 121 to check your number's balance.

3. Check Grameenphone balance through MyGP app (Step by Step)

To check Grameenphone balance, you can use another popular process instead of using the above process, which is called Balance Check through My GP Mobile App.

T have given the process of checking Main and Data balance with the help of Application in below. By following that process, you can check your internet and main balance. But remember that your phone's internet connection is mandatory for this method.

1. Open the phone's Google Play Store or App Store.
2. Search MyGP, and install the app on your phone.
3. Open the app.
4. Login with your number.
5. After login you will see your Main/Data Balance.
Through this app of Grameenphone you will get all the information about your number. Besides, you can know about new offers and unique benefits of using GP SIM.
Please read:

My GP App “Details”: GP balance check

You can check all above like cheking GP balance without code dialing. But you have to use Grameenphone's official app My GP App fot this. By using Grameenphone's My GP app, you can see everything in few seconds.

If you buy any pack of MB or minutes from My GP app, you will get GP points. You can easily buy a free MB pack by using GP points. In addition to purchasing the offer, you can live chat with Grameenphone's customer care for free.

Click to download Grameenphone's official app My GP App. You can also view all the offers. 


I hope that, all the processes that I mentioned above are working properly. But if any of the above rules didn't work for any reason, please comment below to inform us.

Also, if you face any problem while checking your Grameenphone Balance, you can also let me know. I will try my best to help you. You also come to know GP balance check code 2022.

I would suggest that you use USSD code first while checking balance, as it will save you time and is the most straightforward process. If for some other reason they don't work, then you can choose other options. Besides, if your phone has internet access, you can use the My GP app.
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