Airtel balance check code 2022 | How to check Airtel balance in Bangladesh

Many of us fall into many difficulties after buying a new SIM. Many people do not understand how to check Airtel balance in Bangladesh? Many people don't understand much more about important SIM codes. Today I am explaining everything to you very simply. Today I will tell you about all Airtel SIM codes, including Airtel Balance Check code 2022. I am listing the code inside a table and what each code does.

Single digit USSD is a breakthrough. Through this, you can easily dial a specific code to receive Airtel's widely used services. Below is a table of which USSD number is applicable for which service:

                                   Airtel balance check

Airtel balance check code in Bangladesh:

You need to dial a code number *1# to check your Airtel balance. If you are looking for Airtel balance check code 2022 Bangladesh then you are at the right place. Airtel BD has recently released complete codes including Airtel balance check code on their website for their customers. You can know about Airtel balance check as well as Airtel offers on our website.

All types of USSD codes, Airtel balance check code, minute offer, MB check, codes can be found in this blog today.

How to check Airtel balance by USSD code:

1. Firstly, go to the dial pad by clicking on Phone icon in your smartphone. If you are using Button Phone, then direct click to your dial buttons. 
2. Then dial *1#.
3. Now call the number by your Airtel SIM.
4. It will show you balance or how much money have in your Airtel number.

Airtel Balance check by using My Airtel app:

Customers can also use MyAirtel App to check Airtel balance. If you have a smartphone then definitely install My Airtel App from Google Play Store.

After installing the apps, you can easily access all your offer information on the My Airtel Apps dashboard after logging in.

No matter which offer you avail, you can find details about all offers here, including validity.

In addition, I have added all the USSD codes of Airtel, that will help you to take Airtel services properly.

List of All Airtel SIM Codes

ServiceUSSD code
Airtel balance check*1#
View your mobile number*2#
Data MB check*3#
Purchase of internet pack*4#
Popular vases off and on*5#
Own package and call tariff*6#
Promotional SMS off and on*7#
Prepaid Air Credit*8#
Request to stop all value added services*9#
All services*121#
SMS Check*778*4#
Miss Call Alert*121*3*4#
Miss call alert on*121*4*12#
Set new FNF*121*7*11#
View FNF number*121*7*13#
Delete FNF*121*7*12#
Special offers*999#


Today I have added that, how to check Airtel balance in Bangladesh by dialing USSD code or app. If you are not able to check your Airtel balance, then comment us. We will try our best to solve your problem. Thanks all. See you again. Good bye!
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