Robi balance check 2022 | How can I check Robi Balance?

The nickname of Robi Axiata Limited is also known as "Robi". Robi is the second largest SIM operator after Grameenphone . Let"s know about the process of Robi balance check. See below to know all the necessary codes and services of Robi SIM. Let's know all robi sim codes.

We all use Robi. And that's why I use different codes to see the required information of Robi SIM. But the point is that "is it always possible to remember so much code?"
So we were forced to do what else, then we went to the Google uncle. Because he shows them in easy way.

Many people use Robi in our country. We get nice offers on Robi SIM.

And before we get the offer, we have to check the balance of our Robi SIM. So to see the balance we will need a specific code. It seems very troublesome to remember so many codes. You can get rid of nothing to worry about.

Robi balance check

Robi Balance Check 2022 | রবি ব্যালেন্স চেক 

1 . Robi main Balance Check Code is * 222# 2 . Code to check bonus balance on Robi is *222*1# 3 . The code to check the amount of SMS is *222*11# 

Emergency balance of Robi: If you are a Real Robi user , then you can take emergency balance in Robi . A common one for him. Code must be dialed . Go to phone call option. Then dial *1# to check Robi balance. You can also dial *222# to check balance. 
Robi emergency balance check code: *8811*1#. ( Get up to 100 taka emergency balance in Robi ) 

USSD code to know how much emergency balance has taken: *222*16#. 
Emergency Balance Service Termination Code : * 8811 *2#.

*222# এ কোডটি ব্যবহারে চাইলে সহজেই ব্যালেন্স চেক করতে পারেন।

How can I check Robi Balance? (step by step).

To check Robi SIM balance, go to your phone 's dial pad. 

go to your phone 's dial pad

And dial  Robi balance check USSD code:  *1#  or * 222 #.

Dial robi balance check code:  *222#

I hope you  can get your desired result. Apart from this you can also call 222 to check robi balance. 

Robi balance screen show

Robi Account Balance Check:     

For checking robi balance click on your "mobile" or "pohone" button. Then dial *121 *1*1#, then call. Please notice that, your SIM balance is showing on your screen.

Robi Minute Balance Check Code:

I think, Robi's customers need to know the minute balance code. Dial * 222 * 2 # to check Robi minutes balance .

Robi SMS Balance Check Code:

Lots of customers want to know robi sms balance check code . If you don't know the robi sms balance check code, just dial *222*10 # or *222*20#. So, you will know your robi sms balance through an SMS ,  
Robi Balance Check Code *222#

Robi SIM Emergency Balance Check Code: 

Robi Emergency Balance Check Code is * 123 * 007 # .

How to take Emergency Internet Balance on Robi :

The service has to be activated before taking the emergency internet balance . Dial *8811*1*1*1 # to activate instant internet balance on Robi . 

Dial *8811*11 if you want to avail 25 MB emergency internet pack at Rs 10 
on Robi . Emergency Internet Balance Check Code * 123 *3*5#।

How to check Robi Balance & Minute (All USSD code)

Customer Service1
Minute Bundle Check*0#
Emergency Balance Check*1#
Robi Number Check*2#
Robi MB Check Code*3#
New Internet Pack Purchase*4#
Popular Vas Active / Deactive*5#
Know Call Rate*6#
Stop Promotional SMS*7#
Get Emergency Balance*8#
# All Services Together*123#
Main Balance Check*222#
Bonus Balance Check*222*1#
SMS Check*222*11#
Emergency Balance Check*8811*1#
Emergency Balance Check*222*16#
Emergency Balance Service Off*8811*2#
Jhotpot Emergency Internet Balance Active*8811*1*1*1#
Emergency Internet Balance Check*123*3*5#
# Robi 4.5G Enabled*123*44#
Internet Balance Check*8444*88#
Internet Help Care*8444#
Activate Call Waiting Service*43#
Disable Call Waiting Service#43#
Call Divert On*21*Focus Number#
Call Divert Deactive#21#
All Call Divert*21*8121#
Divert Off#21#
Incoming Call to Phone Number*35*0000#
Service Complaint158
Customer Service Number123

How To Check Robi Balance? Robi balance check 2022

If you don’t know how to check Robi balance. Then now you can do it very easily।Go to your phone's Dial Pad, then just dial *222#.  Then it will show the data of how much balance you have.

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Robi 's own required information:

Ravi Own Help Center Number : 123 . 
You can get all the help by dialing here . Other SIM Users Dial Robi Customer Help : +88 01819-400 400. 
Robi's Customer Care Email and Other Addresses Customer Care Gmail Address : .
Robi 's Own Website :
Facebook Page
Robi Shop Contact Address : 09610-000888.


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