Banglalink customer care number 2022

Those of you who want to know which is the Banglalink customer care number? They can read today's post to know more about Banglalink customer care number.

Banglalink is currently the 3rd largest telecommunication operator in Bangladesh. 

They are providing all kinds of facilities to the customers including round the year, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week successful customer care service.

Banglalink customer care number
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However, in addition to having the benefits of Banglalink SIM, sometimes due to some inconvenience, Banglalink customers have to call the customer care number. That's why customers look for Banglalink customer care number.

If you are banglalink sim user, and looking for banglalink customer care number, then by reading this post you will know about banglalink customer care number and banglalink helpline number.

Banglalink Customer Care Number

You can call Banglalink customer care number for any problem related to Banglalink SIM. Generally, for all the reasons that we want to call customer care, the significant problems or reasons are:

If suddenly more money is deducted from the SIM card or if the money is deducted like this. If a service is started to deduct money. 

If there is any problem related to pin code or pak code, if there is a problem related to internet. If there is a problem with the offer, if an offer is launched without your knowledge, to ask for something important

To solve all problems of Banglalink SIM by calling Banglalink customer care number, the solution can be found very easily.

What is the Banglalink customer care number?

Banglalink help call Number is 121.. By calling Banglalink Customer Care Number 121, you can contact Banglalink Customer Care Center by following their instructions.

If you want to call directly, then you can directly contact Banglalink Customer Care by calling +8801911304121 from any SIM with Banglalink.

There are many Banglalink customers who want to know all Banglalink customer care numbers or codes. Therefore, a list of numbers through which you can contact Banglalink Customer Care is provided below:

Service/ NameInfo/ Number
Banglalink help call Number121
Banglalink Customer Care+8801911304121
Toll Free:158

For calling rom any Banglalink number: 121. 
Direct calling from others operator including Banglalink: +8801911304121 
Toll Free: 158


Banglalink Helpline Number

Banglalink Helpline provides all helpline related services free of charge 24 hours a day from Banglalink Customer Care Center.

You can contact Banglalink Helpline anytime by calling 121. After dialing 121, Banglalink will tell you about many services. You can contact Banglalink Helpline by choosing any option as per your wish.

Banglalink live chat:

Banglalink Live Chat: From this website of Banglalink, you can easily chat about any problem of Banglalink SIM online with them. 

So, tell your problem and find solution. If necessary you can know any banglalink customer care number address from them.

How to live chat with Banglalink service provider?

To get online banglalink customer care service you need to login to their online service website Then you can chat live.

Rules for Login to Banglalink Online Service Site:-

For live chatting, you need to open account first. The rules for opening a Banglalink online service account are given below:-

First, visit site. Then enter your Banglalink number in the box and click Next. Then an OTP SMS will be sent to your Banglalink number, submit it and click Next. 

If these tasks are done correctly, your Banglalink online service account will be opened and you will get the option to chat live.

Where is banglalink customer care office situated? 

Many people want to know where Banglalink customer care is in their vicinity. So, below are the ways to know where is the customer care service near you.

Here are the ways to find out where Banglalink Customer Care is nearest to your address:-
  • First, go to the message option and type “BL” and send an SMS to 2233. 
  • The address of your nearest Banglalink Customer Care Center will be given in the return SMS. 
  • If there are multiple customer care centers near you, then the SMS will mention "for another location please reply with: n" then if you reply by writing n, you will also get the location of the next center.

You can also check the customer care centers near you through Banglalink online customer care website. Website Address:

Banglalink Customer Care Address Many people look for the address of customer care as a direct shortcut. So for your convenience, some Banglalink customer care addresses are given below.
Please read:

1. Banglalink Customer Care Dhaka 


CC Tigers Den Banglalink Centre, Plot 4 (SOH), Bir Uttam Mir Shaukat Sharq, Gulshan-1, Dhaka-1212 
Working Hours: 10.00 AM to 6.00 PM

Gulshan- 2 

CC Gulshan Banglalink Center, Rongs Arcade, 153 / A, Gulshan North Avenue, Gulshan-2, Dhaka-1212 Dhaka 1206, Bangladesh

2. Banglalink Customer Care Savar 

Branch Name: United Supermarket, Savar 
Branch: Savar Bazar Bus Stand ; Address: Savar, Dhaka

3. Banglalink Customer Care Mirpur.

Branch Name: Mirpur 
Branch Address: Fahad Plaza, 
Location: Plot No-1, Road No-1, Section-10, Kafrul, Mirpur, Dhaka

4. Banglalink Customer Care Chittagong 

Golpahar Circle, Forum Central,, Ground Floor, 787/863, MM Ali Road, Golpahar Circle, Chittagong-4000.

5. Banglalink Customer Care Comilla

Banglalink Centre, 684/617, Khan Zaman Tower, Jhotla, Comilla Comilla 4000, Bangladesh Store Locator Geofield: Point (91.177112 23.463104)

6. Banglalik Customer Care Sylhet 

Chowhatta, Khairun Bhavan, 1st Floor, Mirboxtala, Chowhatta, Sylhet-3100.

7. Banglalik Customer Care Address Rajshahi

Uptown, 19A, Cantonment Road, Ground Floor, Uttara Clinic More, Uptown, Rajshahi

8. Banglalink Customer Care Address Khulna 

69, KDA Avenue, 1st Floor, Khulna-9100

9. Banglalink Customer Care Center – Rangpur

Address: Banglalink Centre, Mauvasa Building (Ground Floor), Payra Chatwar Rangpur, 5400 Phone: 01911-304121

10. Banglalink Customer Care Center Lalmonirhat

Address: Banglalink Centre, Shop No # 16, 17,18 Patwari Shopping Complex, Goshala Road, Lalmonirhat 5500 Phone: 01911-304121

11. Banglalink Customer Care Center Nilphamari

Address: Banglalink Centre, Syedpur Plaza, Syedpur – Nilphamari, Syedpur 5310 Phone: 01911-304121

12. Banglalink Customer Care Center Dinajpur

Address: Banglalink Centre, Fatema Bithi Bldg, West Side of Lutfun Tower, South Munsipara Dinajpur Sadar, 5200 Phone: 01911-304121.

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